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Ka'en Haynes, Co-Director
Legends Revisited

Since I was small I was fascinated with film and I remember I got this video camera for a birthday once and I filmed everything! I especially liked horrors and I used to make fake blood with food coloring and scare my cousin! 

Directing Legends Revisited was a really life-changing experience for me. No matter what else I do with my life, I hold a dream of one day making a big budget film. I learnt that making a film is like having a child, the dedication and hours and commitment it takes - it's something you have to love. When I was asked what was the experience like for me as a first-time Director at the U.W.I Film Programme, I actually said:'Adopt film as if it is your child.'

I will make my film one day and I think, if Mom and I could have made such magic with an almost no-budget film, imagine what magic could happen with the big money - KH.

Javid Siddique Ali - Writer and Actor
Beyond the Horizon

I used to write poetry ...but never really got an outlet until this project...didn't know what the Temple in the Sea was...I got to reflect on something that means a lot in our meant a lot to me and I think I might mean a lot to a lot of people...[this project] just gives us that outlet to be free - JSA.

Chryston Floyd, Musician and Actor
Mr. Memory

I played the role of Mr. Memory...who talks about the old calypsoes in a way that young people can was cool to transform into someone else because it gives me an opportunity to express parts of me that would really be subdued... - CF. 


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