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Support for Librarians

Thank you to the Principal, Ms. Boodram and Librarian, Mr. Daniel, and his staff, for facilitating the LegendizeU Project 2016 at Tabaquite Secondary School.

The Winners of the LegendizeU Project share their work with you here.

Here's a lagniappe for you!

A new Sapotee Soil story not written by me, but written by YOU!

Did you know that Tabaquite has a rich Train history?
I didn't know either, until I ran the LegendizeU competition at Tabaquite Secondary.

As you go off for Christmas holidays, be curious about your community - what makes it unique? 

And SUBMIT YOUR STORY by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

Your story may be added to the Sapotee Soil collection as Antonia's, Lakshana's and Quinson's are and shared on this website!

We LEGENDIZING de ting! Come! Lewwe go!

   LegendizeU - Knollys Tunnel
            by Antonio Bharath

LAKSHANA_RAMESAR_Individual Wall of Fame + Winner.JPG

Lakshana Ramasar, Winner
LegendizeU 2016, Tabaquite Secondary
I live behind Jeffers Crossing and I am proud that I live at this historic site. I actually have bits of the train line in my yard! My beloved grandfather, Ramphal Ramasar, told me many stories of his past, including his joy of riding the train. Thanks to the LegendizeU competition, I got to tell my story - LR.

ANTONIO_BARATH_Individual Wall of Fame + Winner.JPG

Antonio Bharath, Winner
LegendizeU 2016, Tabaquite Secondary

I passing that tunnel all the time and never take it on. Now I see it. And I feel nice that I can talk about it. Thanks to the LegendizeU competition and Mr. DeLeon and Salty who tell me bout it and drive me through it. I eh like the bats tho! - AB.


 Crime Time

QUINSON_ANDALL_Individual Wall of Fame + Winner.JPG
00:00 / 03:57

Quinson Andel, Winner
Spoken Word Category 

I never thought a school competition would involve spoken word and I could write about crime and say what I want to say. This real cool! - QA.

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