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                                    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING DISPLAY
                                       BY BISHOP ANSTEY HIGH SCHOOL 

                                                             THANK YOU!!

Thank you Ms. Shana Lalla, for sharing this wonderful news with me and keeping me updated.

'Dear Ms. Haynes, 

Upon my visit to Bishop Anstey High School Media Center, I was quite impressed with the display that the staff did for Sapotee Soil...What is also note-worthy is that the staff positioned the display at the entry of the library and the sheer size gives it the prominence it deserves...' 

Thank you to the SLMC Staff and students of Bishop Anstey HS for the recognition and respect given to the Work and for ensuring its impact on your students.

I am tremendously grateful.


BAHS-Sapotee Soil Display1.jpeg
BAHS-Sapotee Soil Display.jpeg
BAHS-Sapotee Soil Display5.jpeg
BAHS-Sapotee Soil Display4.jpeg
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