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                                                     DEAR EDUCATORS

I take this opportunity to thank you for the tremendous, creative, dynamic, simply fantastic work you are doing to ensure the students' further enjoyment of Sapotee Soil.

Everytime I check the ELSD page I see the many ways in which you are approaching the book and the activities and student involvement absolutely thrill me!

I wish I could share all here! 

The other really exciting thing is seeing how many schools are adopting Sapotee Soil for their reading clubs! This is WOW!! without the students even having individual copies, these clubs are finding the ways for the students to read it!

That is WE!

In addition to the Readings, I hope to meet with your Book and Writing clubs over Zoom in 2024.

And I hope, when this project is finished, that I would have met with every single secondary school in Trinidad!

Once again, I thank NALIS, ELSD, for the tremendous reach the OBMS Project has afforded Sapotee Soil. 




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