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I'm sure you all know by now that Moruga was the inspiration for Sapotee Soil.


Have you all met Papa Neeza yet?


What you may not know is that Moruga has a rich farming history.In our earlier times, Moruga is where some of our cocoa was cultivated.


Today, Moruga farmers continue to feed us with Moruga Hill rice and Moruga Scorpion pepper  which is not for the weak-bellied!


What you may also not know is that the Company Villages that lie between Princes Town and Moruga play an important part in our history.


Tell us more about Moruga nah Moruga students! Submit your stories and take me back down by you!We Legendizing De Ting! Come! Lewwe Go!


We Legendizing de ting! Come! Lewwe go!


The Mighty Sparrow LegendizeU Papa Neeza in his calypso: Obeah Wedding, better known as 'Melda'.

Can you find the part of the calyspo that tells about Papa Neeza?

What does the Mighty Sparrow say about Papa Neeza?

What relation does the Mighty Sparrow claim to be to Papa Neeza?

What and who does Papa Neeza protect the Mighty Sparrow from in the calypso?

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