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Dear Librarians,

Those of you who contacted me for Sapotee Soil copies and did not collect on March 1st, please note:

The 6th and FINAL DAY for collection is MARCH 18,
9 am - 11 am, at my home. 


Support for Librarians

FEEDBACK FROM LIBRARIANS - Please contact your Supervisor if you wish to send me feedback! 

- Please contact your Librarian if you wish to send me feedback!

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Story Writing Tips:HSAC


            His       Shoes          Are          Cool

H - here

You are a Caribbean Creation, be proudly HERE.

Write about WE place, WE people, WE selves.

So unless you’ve experienced winter, don’t write about snow!

Let WE language
COLOR-IN your story.

Example: Cracking Up
'Is just stupidness, Errol!'
Rather than 'What nonsense, Errol!'

S - settings

Does you story take place NOW, LONG AGO or in the FUTURE?

Use your
CURIOSITY to IMAGINE the time  - how is clothing different from then to now, to in the future?

Example: Long Ago, paragraph 1 - She Never Walks Alone. 

A - action 

First, think of your story like Waze, how do you get from from start to finish?

Create a MAP.

Example: Mapping out the story in A Tale from Sobo village.

Then remember action isn’t only about what your characters DO, it’s also about what they SAY. DIALOGUE allows free CREATIVITY, it lets your characters breathe, it shows who they are, and it brings out the drama, horror, love, fear, anger, hope, joy, in your story. 

Example: Dialogue between Mother and daughters in: Close Encounters of the Caribbean Kind

C - characters

Of all the elements of a good short story, your CHARACTERS add the most COLOR!

Use your
CONSCIOUSNESS of an aunt, an uncle, a teacher, a brother, a neighbour…think of how this person walks, talks, acts, and use this to give your characters personality!

Example: The Mislaid Lady shows how the Bell is brought to character. 



You will notice that the Sapotee Soil stories show the various cultures and peoples of Trinidad - from the Obeah man to the Sadhu to the First People ...This is because Sapotee Soil promotes Unity and Connection. 

Division causes us to miss the rich, diverse culture that is part of our TT stamp.

Despite what some may promote, there is NO room in TT for division and racism.

There are people who remind us every day NOT TO HATE.

These people are called CHILDREN.

                                                      GET READY FOR APRIL ZOOMS!!

These sessions can be literary, musical, dramatic, imaginative, creative, conversational...there's no limit!

They may cover one story, parts of a story, parts of many stories, your story...there's no limit!

April 9: Librarians Take The Stage!     April 16: Students Take The Stage!      April 23:  Author Takes The Stage!

                                                             Do you have a favourite story?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                              Do you have a story to tell?

                                               Do you have a similar personal experience?                      Ask me everything!

                                                          Do you have more to add to a story?

                                            Do you have a question for your peers to answer?

                   Students: You asked about Sapotee Soil as film, as play, as artwork, as comic...Come with it!!

                                     Or anything else you Imagine! Share your Sapotee Soil versions!

    Curiousity                                           Color-In                             Creativity                       Consciousness

                                                           We Legendizing De Ting! Come! Lewwe Go!


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