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Sapotee Soil is all about telling our stories in innovative ways.

Before there were books, television, social media and the internet, stories were passed down through the oral tradition.

Our calypso is our Trinidad and Tobago brand of oral tradition.

As the countdown to showing the film Legends Revisited begins, let me introduce one its main characters - Mr. Memory.

And let's have some fun with Mr. Memory in this video:

- How many of these calypsoes do you know?
- Pull them up on Youtube nah!
- What history did you learn from any of the calypsoes sung by Mr. Memory?
- Why is it important for a people to know their stories and their history?
- What are the creative and innovative ways in which we, the people of Trinidad and Tobago, tell our stories?

SUBMIT YOUR STORY in calypso form nah! Click on the link...

Cause when we sharing of course, we does do it like a boss (You know the soca tune to sing this line with?)

We LEGENDIZING de ting! Come! Lewwe go!


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Chryston Floyd was given guidelines on the role of Mr. Memory in the film Legends Revisted and given the opportunity to script his piece according to the LegendizeU guidelines.   

Chryston Floyd, 'Mr. Memory', on working in the LegendizeU way. 

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