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LegendizeU - Tabaquite Secondary

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Participating students, LegendizeU

School Librarian, Jori Daniel, interviews Principal, Sherry Ann Boodram to get her feedback

J.D: Based on the information given about the project and seeing the end result with the prize giving, what are your thoughts on the project? 
S.B: Excellent! It showcases different talents - spoken word, short story, video. It gives students a chance to excel and showcase their talents.
J.D: How do you see this impacting the students who participated and the students who did not participate?
S.B: Greater self-esteem on the part of those who took part - something for others to aspire to so they may do it next time. It is a great motivational tool…it inculcates a sense of self worth.
J.D: Do you see the project working as a bridge between the school and the community?
S.B: Definitely, by bringing all age groups together and showing appreciation for our elders.
J.D: What is your endorsement of the project? Do want it to come back to your school? Would you like to see it in other schools and why?
S.B: Most definitely, I hope to see you all next year. I will be telling my colleagues in the South Eastern Education District about this innovating and excellent idea.


Principal, Tabaquite Secondary
Ms. Sherry Ann Boodram


Jori Daniel, School Librarian and LegendizeU Coordinator

The multi layered approach of the project, with film screenings, readings and storytelling and following discussions, as well as the creative freedom to submit entries in various formats, contributed to its success. This project has great value - the differentiated approach to teaching and learning is revolutionary, practical and appropriate to satisfy the needs of todays C21st learner - JD. Full report here


Staff also got involved and helped the students:
L-R - Mr. Joseph (Music Dpt., Mr. Leon (OJT), Ms. Philip (Library Assistant), Ms. Superville (Library Assistant), 
Ms. Cornwall (Business Dpt.), Mr. Teemul (Art Dpt.), Mr. Daniel (Librarian), Absent - Ms. Greenidge (Social Studies Dpt. )


Vice Principal, Ms. Rampersad


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Antonio Bharath, Winner
Video Category - KNOLLYS TUNNEL

I passing that tunnel all the time and never take it on. Now I see it. And I feel nice that I can talk about it. Thanks to this competition and Mr. DeLeon and Salty who tell me bout it and drive me through it. I eh like the bats tho! - AB.


LAKSHANA_RAMESAR_Individual Wall of Fame + Winner.JPG

Lakshana Ramasar, Winner

I live behind Jeffers Crossing. The area got its name after the gatekeeper Mr. Jeffers. I am proud that I live at this historic site and I actually have bits of the train line in my yard! My beloved grandfather, Ramphal Ramasar, told me many stories of his past, including his joy of riding the train - LR.

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Quinson Andel, Winner
Spoken Word Category - CRIME TIME

I never thought a school competition would involve spoken word and I could write about crime and say what I want to say. This real cool! - QA.

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