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Do you know that Laventille has a rich steelpan history?

In its early days, the steelpan was considered a badjohn thing - long time you could get licks for even listening to steelpan!

Today the steelpan is proudly played in our schools.

This is because the People fought for its respect and ensured its survival. 

The name of today's big band that comes out of Laventille, 'Desperadoes', reflects this past, as one meaning of desperado is 'criminal'.  

Many of our steelpan pioneers came out from Laventille.

David Rudder's, The Hammer, tells us about one of them.

Who is the steelpan pioneer David Rudder sings about here?

Other than the 'Hammer', what two other nicknames is this pioneer known by as told in the song?

What folklore, magic, superstitions, are sung about in The Hammer?

Students of Success Laventille, LegendizeU and help us learn more about your place nah?

Submit your stories right here!

We Legendizing De Ting! Come! Lewwe Go!

Thank you Ms. Lalla for this feedback!


"Dear Ms. Haynes,I am Shana Lalla, Librarian III for the Port of Spain district of Secondary School Libraries.


We are so pleased that your book was chosen for our One Book Many Schools campaign and it is being enjoyed by both our staff and students."


Thank you to Rachel Sookhansingh-James, Librarian 1 and the SLMC staff  and students of Success Laventille for this fantastic presentation!


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