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T&T full ah ghost story and soucouyant story and lagahoo story and douen story and all kina scary stories.

Yuh know any?

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We LEGENDIZING de ting! Come! Lewwe go!

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Lorissa George, Winner, LegendizeU story competition (11 years old)

Lorissa George now 21, on working in the LegendizeU way:

Submitting my story in the folklore category helped me gain a greater appreciation for this part of my culture as I did a lot of research before submitting.

That experience still resonates with me, it drove me to pursue my love for creative writing and it gave me confidence in my skill and ability. The LegendizeU story competition led me to pursue Literature at both CXC and CAPE. The effect of the competition lives on in my new areas of study which are traditional and digital art and editing. 

Seeing my story adapted to film remains one of the best experiences of my life. 


Read: Forever Young by Lorissa George

Watch Forever Young, adapted from the story Forever Young by Lorissa George

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