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JAVID: 'What is 'normal'?'

Image: Javid Siddique Ali
Photo Courtesy: Javid Siddique Ali
FB/IG: Legendizeu
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People see that I’m always active and assume I’m into fitness, what they don’t know is that for me to function effectively, keeping active is a must. 


One day I was at school and looked up at the covered way between two buildings and I just wanted to walk on top of it. I climbed onto the railing - which was about one storey high - to get from there to the covered way. The security guard saw me; thinking I was  sucidal, he sent me to the Head of Security. I told the HoS I wasn’t suicidal, I just wanted to walk on the covered way. The HoS sent me to the school’s Councellor who asked me why I wanted to walk on the covered way. I told her get these urges to do these things, I mean, people make a living as stunt men and dare devils so other than my distraction with schoolwork, what was the big deal?


After tests and talks and with other professionals I was diagnosed with ADHD - Adrenelin Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. This basically means I get adrenalin rushes that cause me to act impulsively. 


When I was diagnosed it was like a bright, bright neon bulb came on; I had an explanation - not an excuse - but an explanation for my decline in school  performance and for those dangerous impulses I got.


I want those with ADHD to simply see it as a part of how we’re wired, we’re just a different category of just need to find your niche. 


My niche is physical activity - I run with my dogs, swim, do karate, Cosplay, the film and I write - that calms my mind - the ADHD is still active then, but these things give me an outlet, I see them as fun, while schoolwork is a task except for the subjects I like. I always have things in my bag, when I’m in class I pull out my exercise ball or my hand grip that I work under my desk to get some energy out so that I can focus. 


I want people to understand, especially some of the older people who sometimes say that we are making excuses and that long ago people didn’t have these things…No…it’s just that things went undiagnosed and people found ways of coping or created outlets or simply dropped out of society. 


I don't plan on dropping out...I'll just keep figuring out how to keep it all balanced. 


Isn't that what we all do?

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